Palm Beach Art

Andrey Bogoslowsky

My paintings have several dimensions. They are very simple and have very practical applications. I write with diluted ink on ungessoed canvas on the face of a painting. The diluted ink goes on the other side of the canvas and can be read (more or less) with a mirror. Of course from the other side after the painting is finished. I do that so I can give myself a heavy duty conceptual start. I explain to myself why I stretched the canvas, and what I am planning to paint.

Sometimes I apply gesso over these ink writings. Gesso doesn’t have to be white and does not have to be evenly distributed. I apply secret textural writings. I do it with a grey substance, paste I designed over the years of experimentation. The substance doesn’t shrink after it dries, and it’s an easy panting textural surface. The paste after it dries is hard core, it sticks, you really need a knife to shave it off, as I sometimes have to.

Those textural writing can persist throughout the whole process of painting-- even to the last moment, to the last color layer, the texture can be applied in words. These statements are usually inspired by the subject matter of that particular painting and are generalizations on a subject. If it’s a cosmic vision of the universe with the child’s face in it, I would be writing about personal relations to the rest of the world. And the child like innocence necessary to comprehend the encyclopedia galactica.

There is another dimension to my painting: Writings made just before finishing my painting. These writings are made in ball pen, marker or in a very expensive and full of pigment wax crayon. All of the above chemicals eat through thin layers of paint and are visible as ghost images on a finished painting. These writings are of truly unpredictable origin and subject matter. Some might not relate to the painting at all. And some others might speak about this one specific spot on a painting where it is written, such as a very critical remark about this one element and perhaps even a description how I am planning to fix it.
The next dimension in my art is the actual painted vision. Things made out of color and line. Just like the world we live in, all visible, bold and very genuine expressions of ideas in a timeless manner, called immediate occurance in phycology. Everything you can see in my painting when you look at it from 5 feet away for no longer than 30 seconds.

The last, but not least, dimension in my art is invisible to the naked eye. I don’t want to disclose the secret of how I do it -- just can give you two hints. There is another dimension and it can be decoded under very specific conditions. I created it for the most curious people. The kind of people who like to take their time to find the truth. And even after they find it, they keep looking for more.

Truly yours
Andrey Bogoslowsky