All of these are size 18" by 24".
Painted with inks and acrylic paints on watercolor paper in 2006 and 2007.

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My paintings are states of the mind. I paint my state of the mind, while you are in yours. Spacing out is the most joyful thinking. Actually it is not thinking at all - it is just being.
"Artist and two friends 4"

"Artist and his friend 4"

"Blue memories 4"

Art is a symbol of human Faith. Visible touchable "things". Faces melted in surroundings, these are states of mind, moments of feeling a unity with all nature, spare splashes of life so impossible to capture, never the same.
"He the poet and she in blue"

"Purple thoughts 3"

"The red headband 5"
acrylic on paper board, size 20" by 34"

The road of one's own destiny is the most challenging way of life. It is full of controversy and very emotional. However complex it might seem, it is always worth it to follow one's own heart. On that road you will find many cigarette butts with filters.
"Two sisters 4"
size 20" by 34" acrylic on paper board.
"She, the poet 4"