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The Sex Of Woman

Something there is 
In the sex of woman
The hair, the skin, 
The moon and rhythm..
Untouched by guns or hammers--knives
A hard labor still.
It is the raw, the simple, pure need
Flesh in water, acquiescent touch
Proof of feeling. 

Too many sorrows
Have worn him away
As the moon has waned.
I remember as a boy
He told me stories of his fields of woe
The fury horses that pulled him through
How do I say my love to him
Without betraying everything he is
His lies and drunken excuses
The beatings and the barbs.
That is my greatest sorrow
Not to taste that pain
To know his need.

A Father, a bastard
a bastard father
A piece of work
My dad. 

He learned me how to cut a throat
To skin a deer in the field
To butcher sows and cattle
The things a man must do.
But he never taught me
Never learned
How to touch a woman
A love that never grew.
I cherish his blood in me
Lost him for it and myself
Can never place it again
Or the sex of woman 
He took from me
Never had to give.

Series of 250

Printed on Somerset archiving paper
Size 11" x 17"
Signed and numbered
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