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Andrey Bogoslowsky Paintings
Andrey Bogoslowsky

Artist expressionist, painter, sculptor, writer, poet, activist. Internationally established. 
Erwin Bogaert

I just paint what I see for I am an observer, or as some would say - an absorber.

His painted images are a celebration of repeated icons, which symbolically relate back to the remarkable life he led.
Clemente paintings Clemente

The evolution of the artist, as well as his ideas, are apparent in his artwork through his vivid and repetitive, almost obsessive, style.
Willa Spivak

The flower, long a symbol of life and love, remains a dominant theme and holds special meaning for the artist. Her flowers are delicate, powerful and timeless all at once.
Arek Zila Photography Arek Zyla

His ability to merge traditional photography, digital imaging, and even painting into one visual medium, has produced one of the most dynamic digital imaging works.

Her paintings are produced out of love and conviction and a healthy respect for art, life and the quest for renewal which exists in all of us.
Jo Ellyn Rackleff

My paintings come from an intuitive dialogue with the paint. The figures and landscapes emerge from the paint. Painting is my connection to mystery of living.
Collaboration Clemente-Jefro Suki DeJong

I am fond of recording the architecture of the fifties and sixties - the time of my childhood. These are fun images, appealing to children and the child in us all.
Lea Vendetta

Lea Vendetta paints in a style reminicent of the city of her birth, Paris. The party scenes of old France: dancers in dark atmospheres, light emminating from forged lanterns, music, mood and vibrancy...
Marshal Hirsh

Series of pictures taken in different States and in Palm Beach County: Morikami and Palm Beach Polo Club
Laura Ann Jacobs

What to wear becomes a daily dilemma that this bombardment of sensory overload does nothing to clarify. Does clothing merely cover, or is fashion an extension of the internal form of the wearer?
Nelson Corchado Valentin

Greatly influenced by the vibrant international art scene of Porto Rico and Miami, Nelson Corchado's works are reflective of both his deeply private life and his outwardly expressive personality.
Marcel Flisiuk

Beside "remembering things" from the early period, continual cultural influence of the family warranted him elements of so called "Slavic soul" which is both moody and sensual, a resolve about the fate.
Jane Tobal

In my sculptures I search out the soft, quiet movement that is encapsulated inside of the cool, hard stone. I love discovering the undulating forms that are secreted away from view in the rough virgin rocks.
Debbie Lee Mostel

Mostel's globes and 3D masterpieces take on life to enchant the observer.  Some of them even glow in the dark! 

copyright: editions Le Masque

Signed and numbered series of poetry by the poet and playwright, John Arndt.
Irmeli Ylinen

I mainly paint in my studio from snapshot and sketches, and from my memory of the feeling ... The painting holds me in it's spell, until I have completed it's requirements to become exactly what it desires to become.