Erwin Bogaert


        Attended the Academy of Arts, Antwerp Belgium.
1972         Graduate of S.E.S.A. Antwerp Belgium.
1979-82    Designer of showroom interiors for Diesel and Replay clothing companies, Paris, France.
1984-85    Published illustrations in European magazines including Cosmopolitan and Flair.
1990         Moved to Los Angeles
1991-94   Commissioned to design store and home interiors in fashionable area of Los Angeles.
1992         One man show exhibition, Lithium Studios, Venice, California.
1994         Twelve paintings are commissioned by music publishers for use in "Masters of Art" series which combined Bogaert's paintings and classical music by Debussy. Ravel and Prokofiev to name a few.
1995         Designed Mossimo clothing store in Las Vegas, Nevada.
1996         Moved to South Florida.
               -One man show, Lost weekends, South Beach Miami, Florida.
               -One Man show, Professional Arts Building, West Palm Beach, Florida.
1996-99    Regularly published illustrations/paintings in regional and national publications including Palm Beach Illustrated, Clematis Magazine, Joie de Vivre and The Flo to name a few.
1997          Artist of the Year. The Flo Magazine, West Palm Beach, Florida.
                -One man show, Galleria International, West Palm Beach, Florida.
                -Commissioned to paint a series of large scale murals West Palm Beach, Florida.
1998         Moved to South beach Miami, Florida.
1998-99    Resided in painters studio and gallery in the Boulevard Hotel on Ocean Drive, South beach.
1998         Commissioned to paint large scale mural ("Ocean Drive") for i Paparazzi Ristorante, Cancun, Mexico.
2000         Still painting  and traveling the world.