I celebrate the freedom that change affords me.  Admittedly, I have never been able to see the ugliness.  I polish everything that I see in life.  Aggression and sex are in constant balance with play in my work.  I want the end result to be stylish and luxurious at the same time as in "you only live once!"  I never try to make statements with my paintings.  I do not have the answers.  I just paint what I see for I am an observer, or as some would say, an absorber.

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100 Years of

2000 - 2002

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Now spending time between Antwerp and Bruxell.

New studio in Bruxell where the following are coming from

More Pictures at www.bogaertstudio.com

Keep your sound up and enjoy!

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All paintings around   8' x 5'

Businessland Series


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