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If a price is  mentioned the painting is for sale on the secondary market.
All works are available as giclées on canvas in editions of 150.

Best sellers on Giclées, a must see


or secondary market

The Heart Breaker
Oil on canvas
72" x 53"


 VIP Lounge
Oil on canvas
72' x 49"

Pink Orgasm
Oil on canvas
51" x 51"


Oil on canvas
41" x 41"
The Real Story
oil on canvas
36" x 22"

After hours
 Oil on canvas
50" x 122"

Canal Street
Oil on canvas
43" x 96"

Tropical Street
Oil on canvas
51" x 120"

Colorful People
Oil on canvas
58" x 98"

  More Works
All available for giclées on paper or canvas
email for details


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