Palm Beach Art

Marcel Flisiuk

Marcel Flisiuk was born on November 15, 1976 - Gdynia a nondescript port on the Baltic accidentally was the place, however lively, medieval Gdansk had been the backdrop of the first five years of his life. Beside "remembering things" from the early period,continual cultural influence of the family warranted him elements of so called "Slavic soul" which is both moody and sensual a resolve about the fate.

Life guarded by death
30 X 40

At the arch of the banished
30 X 30

Dog catching a ride
8 X 10

Going back to faraway
24 X 30

Long journey to nothing
11 X 14

Molly's one man band
18 X 14

Playing the highest music
24 X 30

Riding the vines bike
8 X 10

Taking a break from mankindĀ 
8 X 10

Awake forever
24 X 30

Joan of arc
20 X 24

Love in the stone
24 X 30

22 X 28

To play on
8 X 10

Surviving the Abandonment
16 X 20

  Visiting the children's planet
30 X 40