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Willa Spivak Bio

The luminous floral paintings of Willa Spivak possess a very sensual splendor. Her exquisite use of color and dramatic lighting creates an undeniable allure that has captivated collectors of her work for over 40 years.

The flower, long a symbol of life and love, remains a dominant theme and holds special meaning for the artist. Willa celebrates the parallel between the short-lived, but wondrous life of a flower with that of our transient yet magnificent human lives. Her flowers are delicate, powerful and timeless all at once.

She prefers the dark background which creates an illusion of depth, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the painting by the vibrancy of color. The camera captures her ideas which come at every working and sleeping moment and are the artist's inspiration. Using pieces of numerous images, and enlarging them is tantamount to the process of her work.

Over the years, Willa has become proficient in other mediums but oils are her favorite. The sense of peacefulness she feels while painting with oils is re-experienced by those who view her work. The pigments of the paint seem to dictate the flow, and a feeling of peace is received by the artist while executing the painting.

Willa's current work also includes sea shells, fruits and even golden rings....all imbued with a vibrancy and magical aura that has become the hallmark of oil paintings by Willa Spivak.

Spivak was inspired by her artist uncle and started working in pastels as a teenager. "My uncle told me not to take lessons. He said I had a natural talent, and when the time came, I would fall into the right place. Ten years ago, I took up painting professionally."

Through the years, she's worked in many mediums: calligraphy, watercolor and brush painting. "I wanted to know all the ramifications of art and I eventually fell into the flowers. They are so sensual. Everything has curves and forms. They captivate me. They draw me inside to their centers. It seems I have found my niche, but I still like to paint other things," she says, pointing..."leaves, shells, the Greek urn, gold rings. Some of my things doe look abstract but they are actually of something."

As can be seen from her paintings, Spivak is inspired by artist, Georgia O'Keefe, but she's also inspired by life and her environment.

"There is something new to explore every day. There's a reason for being. I flew in a hot air balloon because I had to try it. I was even thinking of skydiving. I've tried things because they're there for the trying. That's why I like to paint a seashell for a change."

"I'm inspired by Palm Beach," she adds. "When I walk my dog on North County Road and along the Intracoastal, I feel I've reached the pinnacle. I'm so content here. It's a little bit of heaven. I can honestly say I have everything I want."









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